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IGMP snooping between PIM domains

Hi, Happy New year to all.

If I have 2 PIM domains each containing several cisco 6509s in the domains one of which is the domains RP. If both domains are physicaly connected to each other by ethernet via a cisco 4507 in layer 2 mode and igmp is enabled for all vlans. Also the d2 domains have a MSDP peer with each other.

how will the 4507 treat multicast traffic between the 2 domains.

how will igmp snooping effect traffic within the PIM domain between 6509s enabled with multicast routing. I am wondering that if the 4507 never see's a igmp join between pim domains as it is a PIM join will multicast traffic between domains be flooded. Also withing each PIM domain will multicast traffic between PIM enabled 6509s be flooded as there is no IGMP between PIM routers and the RP.

Thanks in advance.



Re: IGMP snooping between PIM domains

MSDP allows multicast sources for a group to be known to all rendezvous points (RPs) in different domains. Each PIM-SM domain uses its own RPs and does not depend on RPs in other domains. An RP runs MSDP over the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to discover multicast sources in other domains.Refer URL

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