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IGMP Snooping Problem on 2960 tied to a 1811

I have clients running IGMP version 3. IGMP snooping is enabled on my 2960 switch and the switch is tied to my 1811 router with IGMP v2 enabled. The problem I am experiencing is the multicast traffic does not begin to flow until router does the query not when the membership report occurs from the client. Does the switch not understand this message? When I switch the Router to IGMP version 3, the switch immediately passes the multicast packets but I seem to have another issue that after a few minutes my multicast traffic stops. When I run IGMP version 2 my packets continue forever, the only problem I have is the initial delay until the query occurs.

Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.




Re: IGMP Snooping Problem on 2960 tied to a 1811

IGMP V3 client sends report to If router is runing IGMP V2, it won't listen to this multicast IP.

Need to confirm if 2960 switch can do the igmp snooping on both IGMP v2 and v3.

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Re: IGMP Snooping Problem on 2960 tied to a 1811

Thanks for some insight. The 2960 supports IGMP snooping V2 and V3. However, the V3 snooping is limited to the destination address not the source address. I my particular application I do not exclude any sources for a given multicast group.


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