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Inconsitency check in N2K acces port


We have configured a Fex port as acces port but the port no up becouse appear in suspended state, i think the problem is a vlan mistmach as appear in the consistence-parameter information but i not found in what part allow the correct vlan, the N2K are connected to 2 N5K, and 5K are connected to2  N7K

%ETHPORT-3-IF_ERROR_VLANS_SUSPENDED: VLANs 41 on Interface Ethernet101/1/48 are being susp

ended. (Reason: Vlan is not configured on remote vPC interface)

show vpc consistency-parameters interface e101/1/48


        Type 1 : vPC will be suspended in case of mismatch

Name                        Type  Local Value            Peer Value            

-------------               ----  ---------------------- -----------------------

Speed                       1     1000 Mb/s              1000 Mb/s            

Duplex                      1     full                   full                 

Port Mode                   1     access                 access               

MTU                         1     1500                   1500                 

Admin port mode             1                                                 

Shut Lan                    1     No                     No                   

Allowed VLANs               -     41                     1                    

Local suspended VLANs       -     -                      -     


Re: Inconsitency check in N2K acces port

Hello Jose,

In order to activate the VLAN on your N2K host interface, you will need to implement the same configuration for port Ethernet101/1/48 on the Second N5k /peer (switchport access vlan 41….).

Indeed many configuration and operational parameters must be identical on BOTH Nexus N5k for the consistency (interface 101/1/48 config si one of those). It is very important to have this global consistency between the two N5K peers (confugurations of the VPC – Vpc peer-link – N2K host interfaces….)

This behaviour (vlan suspended for the interface) is the expected one : It is considered as Type 2 inconsistency mismatch to prevent undesired forwarding.         

A recent feature introduced in NXOS 5.0(2)N1(1) called configuration synchronization (config-sync) allows you to configure one switch profile and have the configuration be automatically synchronized to the peer switch.

Best regards.


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Re: Inconsitency check in N2K acces port

Thanks Karim

Please recomend me a document to review the conf-syncoption.

Thanks and regards,



Re: Inconsitency check in N2K acces port

Hi José,

The link describing the config-sync feature is the following :

You will find all the details (Guidelines, limitations, details per architectures, configuration example and so on..)

Hope that helps.

Best regards.

Kind regards.


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Re: Inconsitency check in N2K acces port


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