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Input and CRC errors on interface

I have a Cisco 1310 Access Point connected to a Cisco 3524 XL switch, everything was fine until suddenly one day i lost connectivity with the access Point. I couldn't even see it on CDP

I suspected some problem with physical cabling i got the vendor check the cable, he used some LAN cable tester's and confirmed that all the pairs in the cable are intact. Then we checked the access point which also seemed to be fine when connected else where.

I used the sh ip int fa .. command several times but didn't have a look at the errors part of the output which i did finally and found 100's of INPUT and CRC errors.

This does indicate issue's at L1 i suppose, I then connected the end connected to the Switch directly to my labtop and telnet to the accesspoint and pinged it with heavy traffic,

to my surprise there was no packet loss, i can assure u at this point that the switch is fine and i have tried multiple ports, speed and duplex settings are also fine, what could be the issue wherein there is no packet loss when connecting to a PC directly and literally no connectivity except the perfectly glowing leads when connecting to the switch.


Re: Input and CRC errors on interface

Input errors may be due to Noisy on the line, Faulty telephone company equipment , Incorrect clocking config ,incorrect cable or cable length, bad cable or connection.

CRC's may be due to, Noisy on the line, incorrect framing or coding.

The following URL helps to troubleshoot the input errors in an interface:

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