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Inserting Commands in a Config

I have a router with a reallllllly big config on it, did I mention that its realllly big?

Anyways I want to know if there is a way to add a line to the config and have it insert where I want it to, not down at the bottom of the config were it will go by default?

It is a dial-peer that I want to add to the top of all the dial-peers, without deleting all of them and re-adding them in the right order.



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Re: Inserting Commands in a Config

Hi, copy and paste is a perfect way to add to the config. Whenever i do aomething tricky i enable a schedule reload before I enter the command incase you get a suprise. First copy you entire config to notepad and save it, then go to the section you want to up grade, copy and paste that into another notepad document, insert you changes on the line you want it located at. Now you can config t on the router and copy then paste to host. do not write memory untill you are sure things are working, if so cancle the reload, should work depending on what you are changing.


The following example reloads the software on the router in 10 minutes:

Router# reload in 10

Router# Reload scheduled for 11:57:08 PDT Fri Apr 21 1996 (in 10 minutes)

Proceed with reload? [confirm]


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Re: Inserting Commands in a Config

Yeah that way will work, but won't at the same time. I have over 500 dial peers and each has a translation rule. So in other words my config is HUGE! To paste could take 10 minutes and if a mistake is made......BOOM!

Thanks anyways,


Re: Inserting Commands in a Config

no, I dont believe you can do that (or at least I dont know how). however, there are tricks to taking a look at certain parts of large configs.

for example, if I want to see all of the config lines that include the ip "" I could do:

sh run | incl

or if I wanted to take a look at my configuration starting from a certain point (in this case, my first default route)

sh run | start ip route

I use the '|' regularly on large configs. It's great to help you find a certain thing ina config.


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Re: Inserting Commands in a Config

for a large cut and paste of a config is a bad idea,because I see it crapping out, not sure why it happens but it does,

For a really large config, try to tftp it in.

instead of a config t, do a config net...

and follow the prompt instructions.

test it out on a lab to get the syntax right.

this way you can tftp the config in....

you will find beside it's faster, it's much safer...


Re: Inserting Commands in a Config

I had the same problem until I changed the line delay values after every row to 1ms in the hyperterminal.

(yes i use hyperterminal because its basically comes with every windows machine out there.)

One way to do this is to get the config out of the router via TFTP and then use notepad/ wordpad to change it and save it back and reload the router.

Most parts of the config will always be "at the right place" however some things are not inserted in a specific order or can come out of order depending on how you insert them.

acccess-lists are one of the examples that can be bothways, all depending on how you write them.

Good luck

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