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Integrated Router or ATA for 50Mb/s

I have to connect about 10 servers for hosted VoIP in a data center environment. We get a 100Mb/s L3 Ethernet drop off (InterNap) and I would have just connected them with a 3560 switch but I need to use about 10 IPSec VPN connections for the SIP traffic.

So far I am considering either ATA 5510 in front of a 2960 switch or ISR 2811 with 16 port switch card. Could anyone comment if the ISR can handle sustained 50-60 Mb/s traffic (about 30Kpps) with firewall features turned on. Would it be better to use the router instead of the ATA / switch combination?


Re: Integrated Router or ATA for 50Mb/s

Yes it is better to use Router instead of ATA cards. The Cisco 1- and 2-port T1/E1 Multiflex Voice/WAN Interface Cards ("Multiflex VWICs") support voice and data applications in Cisco 2600, 2800, 3600, 3700, and 3800 multiservice routers. The common issue is that you cannot see the router interfaces, such as ATMx/y or Serial 0/0:0 in the show running-configuration or in the show interfaces output. This is normal behavior. After you install this card on the router, you can see the Controller T0, T1, etc. interfaces in the router configuration file. These interface cards can be used for different purposes

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Re: Integrated Router or ATA for 50Mb/s


That is good to know, thanks. I would not be using T1/E1 cards though I will get a cat5e Ethernet Internet link for SIP VoIP. From the tech specs looks like the ASA 5510 can handle the traffice but would the 2800 routers with Ethernet be able to handle 50-60Mb/s of traffic.

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