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Inter Vlan on HWIC- 4ESW

Hi Cisco Engineers

I will like answers to the follwing questions

(1) How do i configure Vlan on HWIC-4ESW.Also how do i allow the differnt vlan to talk each other ie Inter VLAN routing on HWIC - 4ESW.

(2) Give an example of a router configuration (2811 router or 2800 series or any router) using inter Vlan on a HWIC-4ESW.

(3) Can sub-interface command be used on a router where HWIC- 4ESW is configured for intervlan.

(4) What advantage does a large ip adrress host have on a network .For example i plan to have 300 host on my nework now.If i choose with subnet mask of ie 8190 host or i decide to use with subnet mask of ie 2046 host or i decide to use with subnet mask of ie 510 hosts ).

Definately,one of the above scenario (8190 hosts,2046 hosts and 510 hosts will have there comparative advantage and disadvantage.Pls expalin in details .

(5)Can VLSM be configured on a HWIC-4ESW

Pls,If you have answers to the following questions i will appreciate your quick response.



Re: Inter Vlan on HWIC- 4ESW

You create like any l3 switch , create the layer 2 vlan and then create the corresponding layer 3 SVI for that vlan , then assign your switchports into the vlan. There is no reason to use a huge mask , this can cqause overlapping address ranges if you have multiple people supporting the network, use your second option of . If you use more than 512 hosts this creates a very large broadcast domain and could possibly cause problems . No problem using vlsm on the hwic card .

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