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Internet Access

Quick question...

If I pull a dynamic IP, I can get anywhere on my local network, including my intrAnet. I can ping the wan using an ip address or FQDN ( or, however I can't surf it. IF -- IF IF IF -- I supply a static IP address, even one that I am dynamiclly assigned, I can get out to the net and surf like any other normal person.

At this point, I don't have any ACLs or any blocks for my LAN to WAN.

Anyone every hear of this? If so -- got an idear or 3? :)

Thanks in Advance for those who can help.

New Member

Re: Internet Access

Really wild guess here, but have you checked your browser's proxy settings? It's possible DHCP is providing option 252 (WPAD) pointing to a non-existent proxy.

New Member

Re: Internet Access

would that be something I'd need to specify directly within the DHCP pool, or is that something that could be picked up or in human terms - implied?

Intersting... I know for this particular DHCP scope, I don't have any DHCP options set. Hey, it's something look into at least. :)

Thank you for the feedback. I'll look into it and will be sure to post what I find.

Until that time -- any other thoughts?

New Member

Re: Internet Access

It would definitely have to be explicitly configured on your DHCP server for that specific scope.

Nothing else leaps to mind, at the moment.

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