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Internet access

We have an ASA 5505 handling our network. (In the near future, we are upgrading to a 2960-24PC-S.)

Due to the limit of 8 ports, I set up PC's, using the network cable in my office. I'm encountering a problem, though. When I connect a PC that I'm setting up, I can see the network, but I can't get out to the internet.

Here are my observations:

  • I'm using the network cable that ordinarily connects to my laptop - when it's plugged into my laptop, I can get to the Internet.
  • When I set a laptop up, using the same cable, I can access our network, but cannot access the internet.
  • If I plug the laptop into another network cable, I still cannot see the internet
  • If I plug another laptop into the same cable, I can duplicate the issue - using my office network cable plugged into a third laptop, the third laptop cannot access the internet
  • The inside DHCP addresses, which are distributed form the ASA 5505, are
  • If I use only our wireless, which uses numbering, which goes through wireless AP, I can see the internet, from any of the machines. Of course, I cannot see our network.
  • I've tried: ipconfig release/renew & flushDNS, disabling network cards, changing speed/duplex
  • I only recently started with this company and, as you may infer from some of the statements, our network is not set up correctly - aside from adding a switch to our network, I will be getting a new server - currently, we have Server 2003 :'(
  • Currently, the 5505 is running ASDM 6.2(1); I will need to update this after looking into the upgrade path.

I'm figuring this is a caching issue on the ASA, so I'll try a reboot of the ASA, but I feel like this is solving the problem with a hammer - even if it works.

What's going on? If the reboot doesn't fix the issue, are there any suggestions? (My experience is in desktop support; not infrastructure, so, I'm a n00b to this end.)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Internet access

My first hunch is that this sounds like a NAT related issue but would need to see your ASA config to confirm. Can you share a 'show run' output?

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Internet access


I can think of a couple of possible issues that may be the cause of your issue.

My first thought is like Josh to assume that it may be an issue about address translation. Since the devices that do get Internet access are using 10.1.10 addressing and your wired connections are using 192.168.1 addressing it is quite possible that the ASA is doing translation for 10.1.10 and not doing translation for 192.168.1.

My second thought is that the issue may be related to the number of devices that are connecting through the ASA. The ASA5505 has limitations of how many end devices it will process (the exact number depend on whether the ASA has a Base license or the Plus license). If you post the output of show version of the ASA that would include information about how many end devices are permitted. I wonder if you have more devices connected (especially if combining connections through wireless and wired) than the ASA will support.



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