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Internet And Data Circuit


Ours is a small retail company. The only cisco devices that are there are 2 877 ADSL's one for internet and the other is a 256K data circuit connected to our HO.

Issue: The data circuit is on a different IP range ( and the internet ( on other. I have already assigned 2 IP addresses to the user NICs.

At times the users with the multiple NICs lose their internet connectivity. What will be the optimum design for this network?

Thanks and regards

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Re: Internet And Data Circuit

Ideally you would need a layer 3 device to route between the different networks.

Maybe a layer 3 switch, or a layer 2 switch with a router (for a router-on-a-stick type of configuration)..

[L3 switch]-- [Internet VLAN] - [PIX] - [Int.]

| |---[HQ VLAN] - [HQ Router]

|-----[Server VLAN]




[L2 switch]-- [Internet VLAN] - [PIX] - [Int.]

| |---[HQ VLAN] - [HQ Router]

|-----[Server VLAN]

Then you configure your L3 device to route between all these VLANs, with proper access-lists, and you'd be set.

If you can't buy additional hardware, you could always renumber the internal interface of your HQ router to be in the same subnet as your other network, and add a static route to your HQ network on servers/pcs that need access to it. It's not a pretty solution, but it would work.

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