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InterVlan Routing Across Two Metro E Circuits

I'm trying to build redundant metro e links from two providers. Both links terminate into two 4507 switches on each end.

Link A is in production, Link B needs to be a standby only if A fails. The two different providers have given different Vlan IDs to tag my traffic for transport through their network. The Diagram is like so:

4507_1 4507_2

LinkA Vlan 400 LinkA

LinkB Vlan 500 LinkB

My local network faces 4507_1 as default GW, which faces the 4507_2 as its GW, which faces our internet routers (7204s).

Currently everything is statically routed, and I've had a suggestion to use EIGRP, but I have no idea how to implement this using inter-vlan routing. I'd prefer to keep it simple using object tracking, or GLBP, but again, having the two different Vlans that connect together has thrown me for a loop. If I have two routable SVI interfaces, how do I setup that up on the Clients, or use that for failover?

Thanks for any input!


Re: InterVlan Routing Across Two Metro E Circuits

You may also consider the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Stub Routing feature. This feature improves network stability, reduces resource utilization, and simplifies stub router configuration.

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