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Intranet Routing of port 80

Hi, is there a way to internally direct my domain name to my server?

I can't seem to access the server via DNS and I posted something similar on the WAN part of the forum with no reply.

Basically I keep connecting to my WAN IP address when ever I type in

I get this message: “” refused the connection.

Can I statically put something into the router to say ->


Re: Intranet Routing of port 80

Assuming that your internal DNS name is, add a DNS A record for host www with address

Hope that helps

New Member

Re: Intranet Routing of port 80

Thanks for the reply but I don't quite understand.

How do I add a dns record in the router, is it under config t > ip dns ?

Re: Intranet Routing of port 80

You don't, you add a DNS record on your DNS server. What your traffic is trying to do is commonly referred to as 'hairpinning', traffic is leaving an interface and then coming right back in. Some devices work OK doing that, others don't. Apparently yours does not (what is the device were talking about?). A simple fix is to tell your internal workstations to use the internal IP instead of your external IP. You do that with DNS. Does that make more sense?

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Re: Intranet Routing of port 80

Ah ok now I understand! I'm running a Debian/linux based server of which already I have put the DNS name into the hosts file to get the external interfaces IP address to send directly to the machine.

Re: Intranet Routing of port 80

What I do at some places is pre-pend the name with p- if I need to access the public IP.


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