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Introducing loops with a linksys hub?

In what situations can a 4-port mini Linksys hub cause issues if installed on the network for user access? they don't run STP...thanks in advance.


Re: Introducing loops with a linksys hub?

if 4 port Liksys HUB is connected to network and someone cross connect two ports of HUB, then it will create layer 2 loop in the network if STP is not running.

This can be avoided if the Linksys HUB is connected to port of manageable switch/hub which can be configured for STP feaure, like enabling BPDU guard on a cisco switchport which can forward the port to error disable state if someone cross connect switchports.

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Re: Introducing loops with a linksys hub?


There few problems that can arise while connecting a HUB to a switchport.The first one being the main problem of a lots of broadcast on the switch port where the hub is connected and hence the same will travel to the entire broadcast domain i.e the vlan.

The another issue can be with the port-security. If you have port-security enables on the switchport and you have the MAX-mac count set to 4, if any of the user gets off hook from the HUB and some other user connects with illegal mac-address the switchport will go into error-disable state and all the other users will be kicked out of the network.

Third issue will be a STP loop when someone connects a second link from the hub to a diffrent switch port.

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-amit singh

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