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IOS licensing


I would like to upgrade my IOS on our switch from a base w/o crypto to one with crypto. I could downloaded it but I need to know whether I need to purchase a license for it. I was told that I don't need to if I stay within the same feature set.

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Re: IOS licensing

As long as you stay within the same feature set you can download the crypto version as far as I know without any further licensing.

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Re: IOS licensing


You need to buy license for IOS with Crypto feature set as you are planning to upgrade.

Please note:

Updates = No license

Upgrades = License




Customers license the right to use Cisco intellectual property (software) from Cisco. When you purchase hardware, you also purchase the software and the license to use it. Hardware arrives with licensed software. When you need a different feature set, you need to purchase the license for it


SMARTnet Licensing


An individual feature license must be purchased for the specific Cisco IOS Software image for each router on which the image will be used. For example, customers who have purchased a Cisco IOS Software IP image along with their Cisco equipment, and subsequently wish to use Cisco IOS Software IP Plus, must purchase a feature license for Cisco IOS Software IP Plus. The additional feature license will entitle them to use the Cisco IOS Software IP Plus image.


Licensing Best Practices


•Pay an additional fee to upgrade to a new feature set-upgrades require new license. No additional fee is due when the feature set stays the same-updates require no new license

•Charge customers for upgrade or special feature licenses

•Resell software (and license to use) that runs on the Cisco hardware when they resell the hardware.

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Re: IOS licensing

Only additional restriction with crypto, that I'm aware, you need to agree to distribution restrictions. I.e. the US restricts for export cypto to some countries.

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