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IOS Types

Hello there,

Newbie Here.

I recently purchased the 871w Router.

I am looking to upgrade it's OS.

I have seen differen types of IOSes out there i.e. Advanced IP Services, Enterprise.

Can anyone kindly explain to me the difference between them or where I can get a concise explanation to help me in my purchase? Thanks in advance.


Re: IOS Types

Re: IOS Types

Hi Mauricio,

What you are referring to are various feature sets available for IOS.

It starts from IP Base (minimum features) and goes up to Advanced Enterprise Services (All features). Is a packaging of various features, you select a specific feature set based on the need. for example for Voice specific features minimum you need IP Voice. If you need the same router to support security features in addition to voice you need Advanced IP services.

Have a look at this -

-> Sushil

New Member

Re: IOS Types

Check out the feature navigator on this website. It will provide you will the details.

From my experience, an 870 router will ship with Advanced Security which provides you with VPN functionality (IPsec/SSL).

If you want multiple VLANs you will need to upgrade to Advanced IP Services (despite what some Cisco documents say - I've double-checked this with TAC).

You need SP Services over IP Base for things like BGP (that might have just changed).

Again, check the feature navigator for details.

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