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IOS, universal image and feature set

hi everybody,

can someone please tell me what the difference is between IOS, universal image and feature set.

cause with e.g. the 3750x you have a lan base, ip base or ip service feature set but still on the switch itself a e.g. IOS 12.5(55)SE

i thought the feature set is only the license which allows you to use certain services and the IOS is the actual OS of the device.

but with the 15.5.(55)SE of the 3750x you dont have the choice of vrrp, even with ip base. but at the cisco feature navigator site it says ip base supports vrrp, so i thought as long as you have ip base you are able to use vrrp, but thats only possible with 12.5.(83)SE.

and what is universal image.

thanks for any help.


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IOS, universal image and feature set

Hi Florian,

If you want to use VRRP, you need to use IOS version 12.2(58)SE or later.  Universal image is an image that comes with new devices, based on your need, you then purchase a license i.e. IP Base IP Services et...

for example the IP base can run static route, RIP and EIGRP stub, but if you need OSPF, BGP etc.. you need IP services.

If you do a "sh lice" or sh ver it will tell you what IOS license you have installed.


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IOS, universal image and feature set

hi reza,

sorry for my late reply.

i still dont get it.

so the feature license, like lan base, ip base or ip service only tells me what features i can use and then depending what version of ios i have installed i have these features or not?

and if i order a device with a universal image then i still have to order a feature license? and how do i know what ios version comes with which universal image or device?



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