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IOS Upgrade Cisco 4506

Hi all

I have a Cisco 4506 with supervisor module II WS-X4013+, this one have the version IOS cat4000-i9s-mz.122-18.EW3.bin, but i want enable SSH So i need upgrade the IOS version, Can anyone help me with a suggestion of IOS for this equipment?


Thank you.



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No one is irresponsible for

No one is irresponsible for giving you a recommended IOS version based on the limited amount of information you've provided.  We don't know what line cards you've got, we don't know what your network is like, and we don't know how you've done your configuration.  


Your best method is pick an IOS which is suitable to your supervisor card, line cards and chassis and read the Release Notes.  TEST the IOS you've choosen before implementing this in your network.

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Below the info of each module

Below the info of each module, also this switch has been configured with OSPF

sh bootflash:
-#- ED ----type---- --crc--- -seek-- nlen -length- ---------date/time--------- name
1   .. image        A5C615FB  A18334   29 10322612 May 17 2005 17:41:40 +00:00 cat4000-i9s-mz.122-18.EW3.bin

sh module
Chassis Type : WS-C4506

Power consumed by backplane : 0 Watts

Mod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.
 1     2  Supervisor II+ 1000BaseX (GBIC)     WS-X4013+                   JAE0921D09Q
 2    24  10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)                WS-X4424-GB-RJ45   JAB06430AB1
 3    48  10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)                WS-X4548-GB-RJ45   JAE0920CV75
 4     6  1000BaseX (GBIC)                              WS-X4306-GB             JAE074706LH
 5    24  10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)                WS-X4424-GB-RJ45   JAB060705PM
 6    24  10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)                WS-X4424-GB-RJ45   JAB0629052P

thank you.


    I don't think ospf was

    I don't think ospf was ever officially supported on a Sup2 plus supervisor.  I think you have one of the old versions where cisco did not pull out the commands but it was not supported .  It is possible if you go to something newer ospf may disappear so you might want to look for the K9 version of the IOS you are currently using .


  I would pick a  late

  I would pick a  late version 12.2  version .  The image must have a K9 in the imagename to support ssh.

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