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ios upgrade of 2960


I am trying to upgrade my 2960 edge switch through tftpd...

i have configured vlan 1 with IP address and tftpd as

I am trying to ping tftpd, but I couldn't, but when I try to ping vlan 1 from tftpd, i can

pls advice..

VIP Purple

ios upgrade of 2960

Hi Vishal,

Use CLI instead.  The command is very, very simple:

1.  If you have a TAR file, then the command is:  archive download-sw [/overwrite] tftp:///FILENAME.TAR

2.  If you have the BIN file, then the command is:  copy tftp:///FILENAME.BIN flash:

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Whatever process you use, make sure you verify the MD5 checksum of the BIN file and compare the values to the Cisco Download website.  This will ensure that the BIN file is not corrupted and was uploaded to the appliance completely.

The command to check the MD5 value is:  verify /md5 flash:FILENAME.BIN


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New Member

ios upgrade of 2960

hi sandeep,

Thanks for the reply. I am going to use c2960-lanbasek9-mz.150.1-SE3. Is it updated IOS for 2960 24TC-L switch?

VIP Purple

ios upgrade of 2960

Hi Vishal,

I think it is very old version.

I suggest trying out the 12.2(52)SE(This is not the latest nor old) which, while not  the most recent, is reasonably stable. Try using this link:

You will need to have a valid CCO account and possibly a support contract to be allowed to download the IOS.


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Re: ios upgrade of 2960

conf t

int fa0/1

sw mo acc

sw acc vlan 1

speed 100

duplex full


no sh



int vlan 1

ip address

no sh



copy tftp flash


Make sure that the ip address on your host is having the same subnet masks , that the TFTP service is running and that the IOS is in the TFTP folder.

Remeber not to filter the port 69 and to temporaly shutdown the firewall if on.



ios upgrade of 2960

Hi Vishal,

Try shutting down the firewall in your TFTP server. Pls chk the SNM in both TFTP/Switch. It should go through.

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New Member

Re: ios upgrade of 2960

Hi Karthikeyan,

what is SNM?? One more thing I want to add, the switch is new without any configuration

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