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IOS Upgrade on 4948 - IP Base to Enterprise?

I am in the process of upgrading our 4948 switches because I will be running BGP on them. In order to do this I need to upgrade to Enterprise IOS. However, I just upgraded one and noticed my management interface is no longer there? In the config is shows up as FastEthernet 1 but when I do a show run with the new IOS I no longer see it available? I really like this feature for management instead of having a separate loopback IP for management purposes. Is there an IOS that still allows this? Anyone else run into this problem? What can I do?


Re: IOS Upgrade on 4948 - IP Base to Enterprise?

I think I answered my own question.

I just took one of my other switches and looked at some of the routing commands and BGP is in the ip base.

I was told by the SE that I needed to upgrade to an enterprise IOS...hmmm...wonder if this was just a sales thing to sell something more.

Sorry for the bogus post.

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Re: IOS Upgrade on 4948 - IP Base to Enterprise?


I am not an expert in the 4948 and can not speak authoritatively about its software. But I do know that in router IOS that it is a very recent change that BGP is supported in IP Base (and I suspect that it is also a very recent change for the 4948). For a long time I was telling customers that to get BGP support they would need to upgrade the feature set from IP Base. I think that this was more the SE reacting from habit (or perhaps that they had just missed the note about this change in the feature set).




Re: IOS Upgrade on 4948 - IP Base to Enterprise?

Thanks Rick!

I had not known they added this feature. This would have been nice to know when they sold me the goods!!!

Oh well it's all good I just need to get one of them out of rommon...grrrr...maybe I should call the SE and make him do it.

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