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ip forward-protocol any-local-broadcast

Hi, I have a specific application that woks using local broadcasts both from server end and from client end...

The server is on Vlan 300 and users are on vlan 400.

I configured the following and then need to open specific ports - for testing purposes I am presently not using any ACLs - these will be implemented once it is actually working.

If I use the specific ports with ' ip forward-protocol udp (port number) - I can see traffic passing as I wish using Wireshark - packets pass both ways and are broadcasted on the destination VLAN as desired.

My only issue is that this application uses random ports and I would like to open all possible local UDP to pass between these two VLANs

I found the command ' ip forward-protocol any-local-broadcast' but my IOS does not support it -

So I also tried using

ip forward-protocol spanning-tree any-local-broadcast

ip forward-protocol turbo-flood

but this did not work

interface Vlan300

ip address

ip helper-address

ip directed-broadcast


interface Vlan400

ip address

ip helper-address

ip directed-broadcast

Any suggestions please?

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