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IP multicast-routing with Auto-RP and spare / dense

I have read a lot on multicasting lately and several Cisco references proposed different recommended solutions for installing it in a new environment. I am going to use auto-RP with a single RP (core dual 6509s) and the two sources differed on their opinion of sparse versus sparse dense.

Here is my question....It I use spare only with auto-rp (with autorp listener)  I can control the multicast addresses in use with an access-list and mc addresses outside that list would fail since dense is not on.  If I use auto-rp with spares/dense I do not need the (autorp listener) and I can still use an access list for the mcast addresses permitted with the RP. But my question is if the access list denies mcast addresses, wouldn't the app fall through sparse mode (I think it tries this first since I have an RP configured) and them attempt to use dense mode which would kind of defeat the purpose of me trying to control the mcast addresses allowed.


Also, with the 6509 I intend to use the loopback0 address for both RP and mapping agent. I assume I also need to use the ip pim sparse-mode command on the loopback as well. Correct? 


One last question -- most sites have a fiber portchannel (two 10Gb)  to our remote sites. I used pim on the portchannel and not the individual interfaces. A the sites I have an IP services in the first closet which is a 3750X stack  which has ip pim assigned to the wan (fiber portchannel) and the vlans. There are then additional IP base stacks attached with portchannels (fiber 10Gb links) to other 3750X stacks. Can I assume that on these stacks all I need to use is igmp snooping with no pim on any of these secondary IP base stacks. I assume the mrouter will be the L3 IP services stack for the entire site. The vlans are only a data and voice vlan at each site  (or multiple data/voice vlans.)


Thanks   PS   I did not want to use PIM-SSM based on what I read about host and app requirements to use it. This is all for a single domain on our network.

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