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Ip route-cache flow

what is this command? and why we need?also

ip route-cache policy

what is this command?

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Re: Ip route-cache flow

ip route-cache flow command is used to enable netflow statistics in the switch.

This command will be available only when you have a netflow card in your Switch/Router.By default ,it comes in SUP-720 3B XL

ip route-cache policy command in used to enable fast switching.This is mostly used in policy based routing.It is not required when CEF is enabled.

You can see the output in your device as:

7609-BBR1(config-if)#ip route-cache ?

cef Enable Cisco Express Forwarding

flow Enable Flow fast-switching cache

policy Enable fast-switching policy cache for outgoing packets

same-interface Enable fast-switching on the same interface

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Rajeev Payal

Network Engineer

HCL Infosystems Ltd.

Re: Ip route-cache flow


Generally speaking (Rajeev, enabling netflow on traditional routers doesn't require any netflow cards).

ip route-cache flow: Enables NetFlow accounting (ingress) for packets that are received by the interface.

ip route-cache policy: Enables fast-switching for packets that are forwarded using Policy Based Routing (PBR) - Not required if CEF is enabled, since modern IOS codes do PBR in CEF - No special configuration is required to enable CEF-switched PBR, it is on by default since IOS 12.0 as soon as you enable CEF and PBR on the router.

NOTE The ip route-cache command with no additional keywords enables fast switching.


Mohammed Mahmoud.

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