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ip route vrf TEST Vlan20

Hi all,

Our layer-3 switch has all routes configured like the one below:

ip route vrf TEST Vlan20

Usually when you add new router you just use exit interface or the IP address as the next hop. I am confused why in this case the static routes are configured by specifying exit interface as well as a next hop IP address.

Can someone please translate this in plain english? :)



Hello humair.amil,

Hello humair.amil,

It is highly possible that static route is configured following the guidelines of 'VRF-leaking' statements.

Here a portion of the Cisco documentation:

The same applies if the VRF interface is a LAN interface (for example, Ethernet). The exact configuration command for that is:

    ip route Ethernet2/0

Note: The IP address configured after the interface name is only used by Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), to know what address to resolve.

- Route Leaking in MPLS/VPN Networks

Is Vlan20 assigned to a specific VRF? Try with 'show running-config interface vlan20'. I am suspecting Vlan20 is not on vrf TEST.

The static route in your L3 Switch should create an entry in the Routing Table vrf TEST for, it indicates the network is reachable via & outbound interface Vlan20 (both on Global RIB or a different VRF).

I hope this helps.

Best Regards.

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