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Ip Routing

Can I do IP routing on a 2950 switch without being connected to a 3500 switch?

Also is a 2950 cabable of Layer 3 routing with out being connected to a 3500 switch?

I have a mobile truck with a network inside the truck. I drive up to my site and hook up to their network with Linksys routers now to communicate with there network. I pull up to 10 sites which means I have 10 routers. I want to be able to get rid of all 10 routers and hook up a switch with routing capalities and create a seperate VLAN for each sight. I am wondering if a 2950 switch would be able to accomplish this or if I will need a 3550 to accomplish the task.

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Re: Ip Routing


The answer is NO.

2950 is pure L2 switch.

But to route traffic between 10 networks you don't need 10 routers - it is enough to have one. Configure VLANs on your 2950 and configure trunk port which allows all these VLANs. Then simply connect router to the port (don't forget to configure LAN subinterface for each VLAN on the router).

//Mikhail Galiulin

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