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ip tacacs source-interface : can vlan1 be used?

Hi All,

I have a distribution box with multiple SVIs. In order to hop from one box to another box, I have added an ACL for the vty lines. The ACL has

access-list 10 permit

access-list 10 deny any log

But I do not have loopback interface configured on all devices yet. I tried using "ip tacacs source-interface vlan1" and "ip ssh source-interface vlan1" and it did not work. Does it only work with loopbacks?

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Re: ip tacacs source-interface : can vlan1 be used?

yes, i have used it on many switches.

From a current 3750:

ip tacacs source-interface Vlan1

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Re: ip tacacs source-interface : can vlan1 be used?


I agree with Brad that the source-interface command is not restricted to loopback interfaces. It will use whatever interface you specify (as long as that interface is available). I have used the source-interface command with a variety of interfaces and it works. If you tried it before and it did not work then there must be some other explanation of the problem (perhaps the server not configured to match the address that you specified, perhaps a key mismatch, perhaps something else).



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Check the configuration for

Check the configuration for "vlan1" and post it here.

Is the name "vlan1" or "Vlan1" 

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