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Is anybody there? IP SLA Question

I'm trying to track the status of a LAN. Where it's working, servers attached, HSRP operating correctly.

I would like to build a probe that would just ask "is anyone on the LAN?". I know I can do PING to x.x.x.255/24 and get multiple answers. One answer would prove someone is connected and the LAN segment is working. However, IP SLA ICMP-ECHO does not allow a destination address of a broadcast address ( When a directed broadcast IP address is used ( is used, the debug ip packet detail indicates "encapsulation failure" - no MAC was returned when the address was ARP'd. Tried a static ARP entry, it said it sent it, but no responses. Ping works, but SLA ICMP-ECHO does not.

Any suggestions on how to probe a LAN and then object track it?

Cisco Employee

Re: Is anybody there? IP SLA Question

What version of code are you running? It would be possible to use the Embedded Event Manager with a stub object to do what you want. If this was running on a switch, you wouldn't even need to use ping. You could, for example, check the MAC table to see if there are any active MACs on a given VLAN.

New Member

Re: Is anybody there? IP SLA Question

Currently using C2811 router with IOS Version 12.4(20)T1. Embedded Events is in 12.4(22)T, can upgrade is needed.

I'll got read up on EEM. May have questions later!

Cisco Employee

Re: Is anybody there? IP SLA Question

No need to upgrade. EEM has been around since 12.3(4)T, and you have EEM 2.4 in your version of code, so you have a lot of power. You will still need to create a Tcl policy, though. If you upgrade to 12.4(22)T, you can do what you need with CLI alone.

Given that you're going to be doing this on a router, and if the broadcast ping works for you, run the ping command via EEM, then parse the output. If you get a response, assume there is at least one host on the LAN.

A more reliable choice is to cycle through all available LAN addresses, and send one quick ping to each:

foreach ip $ips {

set result [run_cli [list "ping ip $ip repeat 1 timeout 0"]]

if { [regexp -line {^!} $result] } {

set found_host 1




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