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Is CISCO 871W right for this application?

I am setting up a small office. The office has an ADSL connection with a modem supplied from the provider (that I want to continue to use). I then have a couple of wirless nodes (Laptops 802.11) and 3-4 wired nodes that I want to connect up. The ADSL provision includes an IP range of 8 addresses. I would like to assign 3 of these to servers on the LAN, but the other nodes can be DHCP assigned.

The 871W seems to be suitable for this sitution, with the WAN port connected to the moden ethernet port, and the LAN ports used for the servers etc. Would the supplied basic IOS image be suitable?

What would be an appropriate routing configuration for the router in this set-up?


Re: Is CISCO 871W right for this application?

Hey Marcus,

For ADSL you should take a peak at the 877 ISR. It is a smokin' hot router. I would not place a public IP address on my servers, (if it was me) I would put a non-public (RFC 1918) IP address and then PAT out my connections for my clients.

The basic image should work, but I would purchase the higher end image just so I could run my more public servers in a DMZ (if need be...)

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Re: Is CISCO 871W right for this application?

Thanks for that. I was avoiding an integrated ADSL modem since I wish to be able to choose between ADSL and cable in the future - without having to re-invest in the other network hardware.

I am new to IOS and have tried to find information on what the different images would allow me to do, and understand the terminology (like VLANs and BVL's etc). Is there an overview document available (I have lookd but cannot find one). Is there a feature selection guide for the IOS images supported on the 870 series routers?


Re: Is CISCO 871W right for this application?

Hey Marcus,

Great question. Yes there sure is. I use it all the time. So many features, so little time...

Sorry to URL ya here:

You can also search on the topic "870 feature set" and that'll take you there also. It good to understand how Cisco's search feature works so you can be ready for your CCIE lab in the near future!

Take care

Jimmy ray

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