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Is it possible for a SPAN session to drop/miss traffic?


I'm looking into and odd problem here. It all started when I realized our IDSM was randomly NOT triggering on malicious traffic flowing through a trunked interface. This interface handles all our VLANs but only three of those are filtered on the SPAN session sending traffic to the IDSM.

As a troubleshooting step I set the SPAN session destination to a sniffer and sent some nessus and malicious web traffic over the trunk...some was seen on the sniffer but not all.

What could be the problem here? We have a 6513 with SUP720 and DFC cards, is it possible that some traffic is missed by the SPAN session and sent directly to the ports by the DFC? I haven't found any clues in the IDSM manuals or the IOS guide for our 6513.



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Re: Is it possible for a SPAN session to drop/miss traffic?


Without knowing any details of your environment I will suggest that one way that traffic can be dropped in a SPAN session is to oversubscribe the SPAN destination. For example if you have 3 source ports with each being 100 Mb and a single SPAN port also at 100 Mb then it is possible to generate more traffic to SPAN than the SPAN port can handle and some traffic will be dropped.



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Re: Is it possible for a SPAN session to drop/miss traffic?

Thanks for your answer. I agree it's not easy to solve these things without prior knowledge. To answer your suggestion of oversubscrubtion, I find that unlikely in my case. The trunk port being monitored IS a 1gb port but not at more than 20-30% utilization and the destination port is also a 1gb port.


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