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Is the 2950 capable of Layer 3?

Reason I asked is about my problem. I am staging at home 2 Cisco servers appliance. The initial setup requires me to put in IP address, mask and gateway. I cannot left the GW blank like when you configure your laptop or desktop. Now, I need to make the servers talk to my laptop so I can access them via HTTP but I cannot ping them from the laptop since they are interconnected by a simple Ethernet hub. Hence, I need to have a switch where I can configure an IP address to be use as GW for the 2 servers, right?

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Re: Is the 2950 capable of Layer 3?

The 2950 is not L3 capable. So you won't be able to route between vlans with this switch.

You can

1) have multiple L2 vlans on a 2960 but as i say you then need a L3 device to route between them

2) have one L3 vlan interface on the switch but this cannot be used as a gateway for clients, it is used purely to manage the switch.

If you need to have the servers talk to your laptop though just put them in the same vlan and give them an IP address out of the same subnet and it will work fine. You can use any unused address out of the same subnet for the default-gateway if you have to enter one. The servers and laptop will never need to use the default-gateway because they will all be in the same vlan.


Re: Is the 2950 capable of Layer 3?


C2950 can't do L3 functions. In case you want to route between 2 or more subnets/networks. Let's take a look at C3560 ,C3750 or higher model.



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