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Is this normal CPU usage?

I have noticed my 1760 router cpu has been spiking to over 90%. Maximum per hour is about 50%, average per hour is less than 10%. Is this normal?


Re: Is this normal CPU usage?

No, it's not.

can you share "show process" output of this router when CPU pegs to 90%?

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Re: Is this normal CPU usage?

I'll get back to you with that...thanks.

Only problem is, it appears it only happens for a short period of time at random intervals. Roughly 10 times in last 72 hours. It would be very difficult to catch the "sho proc" while this is occuring. Any ideas?

Re: Is this normal CPU usage?

there can be many reasons of why CPU utilization pegs to 90% occasionally, it could be due high data transfer, any ACL being hit frequently at that time or maybe any process is taking lot of CPU cycles etc.

"show process cpu" will be handy to tell as which process is taking CPU usage so high.

you can refer to this URL to get more information on troubleshooting high CPU utilization.

hope to help .... rate if it does ...

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Re: Is this normal CPU usage?

Possible causes below, maybe all related to over utilization of the router's CPU on the 1700 series in the configuration.

1. Too many ACL to process.

2. Too much NAT going on.

3. Too much policy routing.

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