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iSCSI and Dell PowerConnect 6224

We have a Virtualization project in the early design stages utilizing VMWare and a iSCSI SAN environment.

We are a Cisco only data center at present, but one vendor quote has all Dell equipment included.

For switching they have specified the PowerConnect 6224 (24 Gbit ports).  

A second vendor quote is all IBM equipment, but leaves out the network switching equipment (our choice).

I'd like to keep our data center a Cisco only environment.  I need to understand what Catalyst switch(s) would be comparable

to the PowerConnect 6224.   A 24 port switch was quoted.  May need a pair for failover depending upon

Today we use a pair of Cisco Catalyst 3750G (24 port) L3 switches for our core distribution environment.

Any advice would be appreciated.




Re: iSCSI and Dell PowerConnect 6224

stacked 3750G ..

beats dell 6224 anyday of the week for me,  i have used both.  It is Possible that the dell chugs bits a bit faster.  But i have an all cisco environment myself and this outweighs any of the benefits  6224 might have, cisco switch has way too many features.

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Re: iSCSI and Dell PowerConnect 6224

Rob, I disagree with you.

I, too, have used both switches and the Dell's had all the functionality we needed in a robust platform at a fraction of Cisco's cost.

You dont judge a network appliance on how many bells and whisteles it has. It's about meeting one's requirements, interoperability with the rest of the network, and cost.

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ex-enginnerif you use dell


if you use dell switch then i would like to ask you some kind of help in dell configuration.

i am using dell 6224 powerconnect with cisco cat 3750. i want to configure an etherchannel which share vlan information between these two switches.or any other way to use dell switch with my core cisco3750 and vlan information share between two.

any kind of help will be highly appreciated thanks 

New Member

Re: iSCSI and Dell PowerConnect 6224

Joe Campbell:

Why do you need to keep it an all-Cisco shop?

My shop deployed the Dells and we loved them. Just set up and walk away.

The Dell PowerConnect 6200 and 8000 series switches are very competitive. The 6224's 24-gig ports operate at wire speed with a non-blocking backplane, plus a zero-loss throughput. They offer up to four 10G SFP+, XFP, 10G-Base-T and CX4 uplinks. They also offer stackability of up to 12 switches (576 ports), advenaced QoS and security features.

The Dell 6200s are also iSCSI optimized, which no Cisco switch offers.

Read the tolly Group's reviews.

If you want to know which Cisco switch offers the same functionality, go to Cisco's website and match them. But be assured that the Cisco switch will be anywhere between 3 to 5 times the cost of the Dell 6200s.


Re: iSCSI and Dell PowerConnect 6224

at the end of the day  its about money and preference , nothing against dell , wasnt attackin them , i needed vtp in a large network , other switches had to leave

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Re: iSCSI and Dell PowerConnect 6224

Rob, understood. Didnt think you were attacking Dell...


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