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Isolate a switch port /device

hi there,

i have a 2 loadmasters in HA mode and the secondary is down. They are connected to 2 diff 2970 switches but on on VLAN1. my question is how do i isolate the loadmster which is down so that when I physically power on that device it does not send an initialisation/keepalive to the primary loadmaster (as there may be an outside chance that the primary may go down as well WHICH CANT HAPPEN) but at the same time I can connect to the device remotely when it comes back up. Can I put the device which is down to another VLAN? If so will i still be able to access it?

hope this is clear


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Re: Isolate a switch port /device

Hello Soleiman,

you can put it in another Vlan that has no routing services.

Then you put a PC in the same Vlan and use an IP address in the same subnet of the isolated device and you will be able to access it.

When everything is fine you can put the device back in the original Vlan

Hope to help


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Re: Isolate a switch port /device

guiseppe, thanks for this but there is a problem because equipment is in datacentre so i cant plug a pc in so i will have to do remotely although a NOC engineer will physically reboot device.

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