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New Member

Issue routing vlan traffic

Hello friends,

Brief explanation -

If you look at the attached pdf, superimposed over the top of our switch network you will see our Wi-Fi network all in red. In the bottom left hand corner in the location called Oakton you will see a red access point with the IP of The issue I am having is trying to have this access point “talk” to all of the other devices in the Wi-Fi network in the location called Weber Center.

The ultimate goal is this...

To have every switch, regardless of location, to be able to talk to any device assigned into the Wi-Fi Vlan (VLAN 5)

More detail -

There are three core switches that make up the back bone of this 8 building campus. The main switch of this backbone is TN5N2 -

All switches have this command in their configuration listing TN5N2 as their default gateway:

IP default-gateway

From this core switch I am able to ping any device on my network except one, the access point located in the Oakton Building (bottom left corner in pdf).


isolating specifically on the building Weber Center (upper left of pdf) where all other Wifi equipment is installed, these switches can talk to all of the red wifi devices with no issues.

however, all other switches, including the two core switches of TN5N1 and TN5N3 cannot reach any wifi device anywhere. Even though as stated above, the core switch of TN5N2 can reach wifi devices in Weber.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

New Member

I answered and resolved my

I answered and resolved my own question.

In looking at the three core switches (triangle in pdf) only switch TN5N2 had been configured to pass vlan 5 traffic.


once a create vlan 5 on the other two core switches I was able to reach the lost AP. thanks for the 19 people who view the

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