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Issue with WR MEM

I have 2 6509 with redundant SUPII, w/ PFX2 and MFC2 cards, 2 SFM and 2 x6816 cards each.

Between the 2, Im running BGP, with 4 peers (2 per box) and OSPF. I also have about 2500 subinterfaces per box (about 1000 per interface).

After adding the subinterfaces, I have found that any time I need to save config changes, a wr mem can take 2 minutes. This is with not traffic. With traffic, its has taken sometimes 5 to 10 minutes, if it ever completes.

My first thought was that it was the number of subinterfaces. Now I'm not so sure.

CPU never gets about 30% on the SUPII. Ive done tests where if I dont make changes to any interface with subinterfaces, a wr mem only takes 45s, however if I shut or no shut an interface, it could take 2 minutes or more.

Has anyone run into this before?


Re: Issue with WR MEM


I have seen this on Cisco 10000 - ESR.

When i tested multilink & serial interfaces in test/lab environment with PRE redundancy, "wr" was quick.

But as i went to production environment, adding thousands of multilink & serial interfaces, "wr" was taking quite some time, but not 2 minutes.

Is it because synchronization on redundant SUP !!!

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Re: Issue with WR MEM

See, I thought the same thing, but I took the second supII out, still took the same amount of time.

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