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Issues running port as 1000 on 3560G

Having a weird one with a 3560G-24TS running the latest version of 12.2.25 code. When servers are plugged in and auto negotiating a speed of 1000/Full, whilst I can ping between servers, I can't get much other traffic to pass. If I set the speed on the switch ports to 100/Full, everything comes good. The servers are running a couple of types of card including dlink and intel. They are all gigabit capable cards.

I'm not doing any layer 3 operations here, it's purely traffic on the same vlan / subnet. I was running an older 12.2 release of IOS but upgraded to the latest 12.2.25 to see if that resolved anything, no luck though.

Got some more test to run tomorrow, but anyone seen similar to this?


Re: Issues running port as 1000 on 3560G

12.2(25) is quite old now - latest is 12.2(46)SE, however I doubt this will solve your issue. Are you running QoS on these switches as there are documented bugs regarding the default egress queues when QoS is enabled?

If you have QoS enabled post the output of the command 'show mls qos queue-set' and 'show mls qos interface x/x queueing' for the interfaces in question.

If it isn't QoS then it might be worth explaining the topology a bit more.


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Re: Issues running port as 1000 on 3560G

I'll run up the 12.2(46) today and see what's up.

I originally had QoS running via the auto qos command. I'd pulled all of that config out and restarted the switch but still had the same issue. I've got the unit back in the office now and I'm going to run up some iperf tests to see if I can see what's up.

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