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Jumboframes on Cat6k

We have four cat6509 that are uplinked to each other with L2 802.1q trunks.

We have a non-routed vlan that we use for a cluster interconnect.

Jumbo frames should be enabled.

So we set the mtu xxxx command on the ports where the cluster interfaces of the servers are connected.

It doesnt seem to work.

Probably because I have not set a bigger mtu on the uplink ports.

I am afraid that my network will crash because no-one else uses/can use jumboframes on my network.

So my question:

is it possible to change the mtu only for a vlan? not the entire trunk with all my production vlans on it.


Re: Jumboframes on Cat6k

on 6509,

you can change the jubo frame size individually for each and every port. where as on 3750, if you enable jumbo frames, it will be ebabled globally which will affect the others PC's which doesn't support jumbo frames.

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Re: Jumboframes on Cat6k

On the uplink trunks there are several vlans, only one of them needs to have jumbo.

if I change the mtu for such an uplink trunk, will all the vlans on that trunk be affected?

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