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Just bad ports or bad port/ASIC controller?

Trying to troubleshoot a 3550 24-EMI. It seems some of the ports (so far f0/1 and f0/2) will show up/up but I can not pass any traffic. But if I go to the other end of the switch (f0/23 or 0/24) I get traffic to pass. I get input and crc errors but nothing else. Anyone else run into this type of problem? I'm leaning towards bad controller. I haven't been able to test any of the other ports or do a POST due to this being offsite.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions. We'll probably just RMA the switch but I'm trying to gain as much info before we do that.



Re: Just bad ports or bad port/ASIC controller?

Probably would need more info , are these just normal switchports or are they trunked , if trunked are certain vlans allowed across the trunk . Is the layer 3 SVI for that vlan up/up ? Does the vlan that is assigned to those ports show up and active when doing a "show vlan " command ???

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Re: Just bad ports or bad port/ASIC controller?

Well after conferring with TAC they recommend RMAing the switch. Most likely a physical/hardware issue as there was input and crc errors. We ruled out bad cables and configuration.

Thanks for the input.

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