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Kron Scheduler backup failure?

I have been trying to get our switches to backup to an FTP server that I set up tonight.  I have been using these commands:

Switch# conf t

Switch (config)# kron policy-list Backup

Switch (config-kron-policy)# cli sh run | redirect

Switch (config-kron-policy)# exit

Switch (config)# kron occurrence Backup at 07:30 THU recurring

Switch (config-kron-occurrence)# policy-list Backup

Switch (config-kron-occurrence)# exit

Switch (config)# exit

Switch# copy r s

Then, when the schedule time arrives, it will drop this file into my ftproot folder on the server, but it will be an empty config file, measuring 0 kb in size.  Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, and that I set everything up right with the server, i did a Switch# copy running-config ftp:  and it went into the folder at 44 kb.  Why would it be doing this?  Anyone have any ideas?  We are trying to get this configured for about 45 switches over 3 different networks, and I cannot even get the first one going.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you ahead of time.

Cisco Employee

Re: Kron Scheduler backup failure?

There were few issues around redirect feature using FTP. I am not sure about the IOS version you are running, however please take a look at these two bugs:

CSCtc81787 & CSCtb72550

For 35xx, 37xx, 29xx this is fixed in 12.2(55)SE.




New Member

Re: Kron Scheduler backup failure?

Thanks.  As for our IOSs, we have to use versions which support crypto, so we can't always have the latest ones.  Is there any other way to schedule backups of configs through FTP?  We are trying to avoid having to use TFTP.  Any workarounds or other command schemes to help would be great.

Cisco Employee

Re: Kron Scheduler backup failure?

Please see if this helps you:

Path: You may specify FTP as the protocol along with the path where you want to save it. Refer to this:

Though I have not pratically tried it, but some pro's have posted about it, in previous discussions:



New Member

Re: Kron Scheduler backup failure?

Thanks again.  Path seems to work the best, however it isn't actually working on a couple of the switches.  Also, on one or two of them it is actually saving a 1 kb file that only tells me when the last changes were made.  On most of the switches it is working to back up the entire running-config, as intended.  Any ideas on the odd switches out?  I'm so close, and it's quite frustrating.

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