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LAB issue -- please advise

Hi Guys i recently had my ccie sp exam and i face the following issue i really appreciate if some one can tell the route cause of this issue. Here is the topology




-                 -               - 




XR(13.9) are XR 1200 and all the R are 7200(12.2sr).

XR2 connect with XR3 and R7,

XR3 connect with XR2 and R5 XR4,

R5 connect with XR3 and R6,

R7 connect with XR2 and XR4

XR4 connect with R7 and XR3 and R6

R6 connect with R5 and XR4



i was asked to troubleshoot ospf to make sure all the router can ping each other and receive their loop back . After troubleshooting   all received the routes but when i ping xr2 only able ot ping R7 and XR3 , R5 can ping all  routers. R7 can not ping R5. 

There was no access list on any routers , all routers showing the routes but as above not successfully ping after rebooting all the routers except XR3 and XR4 pings between R7 and R5 works fine and from XR2 i add the ospf cost toward the XR3 and then all the routers starts pining but the traffic are from XR2 to R7


i really dont understand the behaviour of this issue also i clear the ospf process on all the routers . on the same scanario ospfv3 works fine with out any issue. Some one told me  mpls cef table on XR is full and that cause this issues if i rebooted all the XR's it will resolve the problem.


I really appreciate if you guys can share your thoughts on this . 



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guys please help.... on this

guys please help.... on this issue.




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