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LACP between Server & Cisco 6509 running CatOS


by default PAGP is enabled in all the modules of 6509 where etherchannel also running on PAGP, now if i enable LACP on a particular module, where there are no etherchannels running, just enabling the LACP for module 9, will cause any problem to the server already connected on the ports in Module 9? Servers are just connected, i wanted to do port aggregation for a particular server..

Note: Jumbo frames are also enabled on this port.

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Re: LACP between Server & Cisco 6509 running CatOS


Before doing that you have to make sure that your server NIC supports LACP. If there is no LACP at server side and you just configure it at the switch side, you might run into different issues.

I will never suggest to have LACP enable on the module if server doesnot support LACP.For LACP to work properly and have the switch bring up the ports both sides should support LACP.


-amit singh

Re: LACP between Server & Cisco 6509 running CatOS

Thanks for ur reply amith,

currently 5 servers are connected on Module 9, they are just connected on a vlan 2, 1 new server(also in vlan 2) i am going to connect, which has mentioned supports Link Aggregation, when i enable LACP for 9/2 & 9/3, i get message that PAGP is enabled, so if i want to enable LACP i need to enable for module 9 bcoz i gone through the document on cicso, says that i need to enable 1st for module 9 & then to link 9/2 & 9/3 as a single channel, so by doing this, rest of the server will not affect isn't?

Note: i am going to make 9/2 & 9/3 as one single channel for my new server which has got 2 NIC's. rest of the ports in the 9th module i am not going to disturb at all.

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