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LACP with Solaris server

Dear All,

             We are trying to create LACP etherchannel between cisco 3750 stack (Cross stack etherchannel) and Solaris server 11.1.

When we configure the etherchannel as trunk and enable the ports, it goes to w state (w-waiting to be aggregated) and does not comes up, after few moment is start flapping between w and H states of LACP etherchannel stats.

If we configure the etherchannel as access port, it works fine.

I tried to get this info from TAC engineer but did not get satisfied answer.

Can someone tell me the meaning of "w" and "H"as etherchannel stats and does anybody know what could be the issue ?

sh ether 2 summary

Flags: D - down P - bundled in port-channel

I - stand-alone s - suspended

H - Hot-standby (LACP only)

R - Layer3 S - Layer2

U - in use f - failed to allocate aggregator

M - not in use, minimum links not met

u - unsuitable for bundling

w - waiting to be aggregated

d - default port

Group                            Port-channel Protocol         Ports

------                              +-------------+-----------             +-----------------------------------------------

2 Po2(SD)                        LACP                          Gi1/0/3(w) Gi2/0/1(D) Gi3/0/19(D) Gi4/0/21(D)

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LACP with Solaris server


So, you have this issue if you only configure the portchannle as trunk port?

Is the server side also trunk?

Can you post sh run from the 3750?


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LACP with Solaris server

Dear Reza,

                yes they have configured as trunk port from server side.

We have same setup on another 3750 stack (cross stack etherchanel) with solaris(11.1), it is working fine.

To isolate further, we swap the cables between working and non working servers & stack switches

          Etherchannel comes up between nonworking server and working stack switch.

          Etherchannel did not came up between working server and nonworking stack switch.

We can see only the difference is IOS.

Non working stack switch IOS is 12.44

Working stack switch IOS is 15.02

config is simple and same configuration is applied on another stack switch (working one).

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