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LAG / lacp limitations

Hi everyone,

I am doing preparation for small project for one of our customers, and while I was doing initial budget estimation I stuck in a clumsy questions about the LAG limitations.

Generally the project is to create small computer farm from 40-50 low cost servers, but to ensure at least some redundancy we are aiming at some stackable switches which support "Link aggregation across the stack". Previously in enterprise grade company, we were using some 3750X, but now, as long as we don't need any L3 capabilities and high speed switching we were aiming at some cheaper models. Unfortunately most of cheaper models has some ridiculous limitations of 8 LAG. the very idea of having stacked switching fabric with 200-300 ports and having only 8 LAG stays unclear for me.

But to cut the long story short . I am looking for aggregated information about stackable cisco switches especially in the light of  following 2 aspects:

1. maximum numbers of switches & ports in the stack group.

2. maximum numbers of LAGs across the stack.

is there any comparison like this or I have to read all white papers to get this info.

Thank you in advance .


LAG / lacp limitations


With 3750 switches you can stack up to 9 switches that support a maximum 48 EtherChannels on the switch or switch stack. Now that will depend on what kind of switches are you going to use.

Hope this helps.

New Member

LAG / lacp limitations


yes , i am aware about 3750X series , but my question was how about other , cheaper, models of cisco.

as i mentioned we dont need Layer 3 advanced function from 3750, just a lot of ports in lacp pairs across the stack for basic redundancy .

i saw that small bussiness series 500 has 32 LACP , and we allready know about 3750, but is there any agregated information for all cisco series currently in sale and support for next 2-3 year .

VIP Purple

Re: LAG / lacp limitations

I also don't have a good summary, but I think for a project like that, the 3650 could be a good choice. A switch-stack of 3650s support up to 128 channels. On the 2960-X, there are only 24 Etherchannels supported. So if you really need many channels, you get L3-functionality "for free" with the 3650 ... ;-)

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