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LAN Bottlenecks

A little background; my LAN has a Cisco 1700 switch with QoS and several 10/100 hubs connecting small clusters of desktop computers. Our T-1 with VOIP and 11 Cisco 7960g phones generates terrible quality phone calls on a regular basis but we do not appear to be saturating our T1 bandwidth. There may be LAN bottlenecks from using slow hubs, rather than switches, and the older 1700 network switch may not be capable or optimized to handle the VOIP traffic. How can we assess the bottlenecks and might there be obvious issues with the antiquated hardware? Jon


Re: LAN Bottlenecks

hi jon

as you have mentioned in your post itself its better phasing out the hubs and replace them with switches.

i feel you are talking about Cisc 1700 router which gets you the T1 connection on the Wic-1T card.

also you have mentioned that the router is already configured with qos you better restructure your lan part to get better performance.


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Re: LAN Bottlenecks

Thanks for the reply, but I got most of my netweork hardware info wrong. We have a Netopia T1 router and Tiger 10/100 24 port switch, a CTX 600 VOIP QoS appliance, WatchGuard Firebox and Cisco 7960g phones. The LAN has several clusters of switches and hubs attached to desktop computers. If we are getting very poor quality VOIP calls, sometimes with only one call going on, would you suspect - gut check - that this is a LAN hardware issue or could this be that our T1 is not VOIP prioritized so we are getting latency jitter through the public Internet?

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