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LAN Design Question

Hello Everyone,

From a small (around 100 nodes) network design perspective withc Cisco VoIP (PoE neded), servers and workstations (nothing fancy or unsual) which is the better choice?

1) A stack of 3750s running EMI and StackWise


2) A 4507

I am being told the stack of 3750s is better for the sake of redundancy. If 1 dies then the rest of the stack can still process data where as even with redundant sups in the 4507 if the chassis dies then everyone is down.

Or is there an even better choice? I would love to put redundant 6500s in but the cost is prohibitive.

Thanks in advance! All replies rated

New Member

Re: LAN Design Question

I feel better to go the first option. You can go ahead with 3750.

Super Bronze

Re: LAN Design Question

For a chassis, itself, hardware failure is rare. Perhaps more likely is some other glitch within the platform, including software. In this regard, you'll share some of the same exposure running a single 3750 stack vs. running two 3750 stacks.

For just 100 nodes, although not knowing expected usage, 3750 stack will likely be just fine. Don't forget the 3750-E series if you need to provision a higher level of performance.

Also, for just 100 nodes and especially if there's only a single stack, the basic IOS image should do nicely. You should only need an "EMI" image for dynamic routing beyond RIPv2.

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