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LAN Printer problem

gusy we have a starnge problem i hope someone can help me out with that we had 3640 router which was connected to 3750 swicth and a lan printer was connected to that swicth as there were only two users (as the whole office shifted) now we have upgarded as per requirment and we have upgarded the router to 2811 with 12 port inbuilt all the seeting dulpex and speed are same as of 3720 but when we connect the printer the light dont come on on the swicth.....its very what i have done is that conect the same 3750 swicth to 2811 modulke swicth and lan printer is connected to 3750...its very wired but can someone tell me why is that why the printer doesnt work on 2811 swicth inbult one.....but on 3750 it is working fine and on ethe same port i have conencted different pc and stuff an dit works....can some one advise me something


Re: LAN Printer problem

Try setting the speed and duplex to auto and see if it comes up ,my guess is auto mdix was correcting some wiring anomalie in your old setup. Another quick way to check is to plug a laptop into to the port , try with your current setup , then change the speed and duplex to auto and see if the link comes up and that will confirm it .

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