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Lan routing help


I want to use 3560G (SMI) for routing between two subnets. This is the only cisco switch we have on the network. Other switches are unmanaged netgear/3com. Currently windows 2003 server is doing routing between primary lan (192.168.2.x) and new subnet (192.168.11.x). Problem with current setup is that from 192.168.11.x subnet I can only cummunicate with clients on 192.168.2.x that has static route to new subnet and I can't go to the internet from new subnet. I added static route to our netscreen 25 firewall which is default gateway for primary lan(192.168.2.x), still can go out to internet but I can ping firewall from any client on 192.168.11.x. This may be because of the way netscreen interfaces are configured(NAT or Route mode).

Bottom line is should I use 3560G switch to route traffic or buy a router? Need simple instructions.




Re: Lan routing help

Yes you can use the 3560 to route the traffic. ( pls see info below )

create 2 VLANs for each subnet & then create 2 L3 interfaces with IPs & on the switch.


You are not able to browse the internet from the new subnet because The new subnet may not have been configured for NAT on the netscreen box.


Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series switches can be purchased with the IP Base (formerly called SMI) the field to Advanced IP Services licenses.

The IP Base license offers advanced QoS, ratelimiting, ACLs, IGMP Snooping, and routing capabilities such as RIP, static routing, and EIGRP Stub.

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