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LAN Switch Design

I am contemplating two designs for my network upgrade:

Design 1:

- Dual 6500 cores with dual Sup720's

- 6500's with single Sup32's at access layer too

Design 2:

- Dual 6500 cores with single Sup720's

- 3750-E stacks at access layer

Can someone give me advantages and disadvantages of either design. Also,

1) Do I really need dual-sup's if I'm getting dual cores. I read somewhere that convergence can actually be slower with dual sup's than with single sup's especially using the routed access design model

2) I know 6500's with single Sup's is a risk at the access as if the Sup blows out, the entire closet goes down. Any other disadvantages to this solution you can think of when compared to using 3750 stacks?

Thank you


Re: LAN Switch Design

From my understanding dual sup's will be faster fail over then dual core. Failover for a sup module is less than a second when using NSF with SSO.

I would think the 3750's would be a good choice opposed to a 6500, they are more scalable in terms of adding or removing more ports, they perform Layer 3 functions, I don't see an advantage of a 6500 for the access layer. If you install a 6504 and later need more ports are you going to buy another 6500? Are you going to install a 6509 when you only need 24 ports? 3750's just seem like a better decision, at least from a modular stand point.

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