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large data with multiple switches

I know this wont be a business grade question but any way.

Looking to upgrade the LAN at a LAN party I help host but we would like to try get the network as fast as possible, most of the computers can only do gigabit so we have never run into issues with computers on the single switch, we run into issues with the links between the switches.
So. Am looking for the best possible/reasonable priced solution.
I keep getting told to go to other brands it personal experience suggests I stick to cisco as you do get what you pay for.
No I am it looking at consumer prices and do expect a large price tag but do not want to go to ridiculous prices like a all 40gb LAN for connected pc's so n.
I'm only planing to be at about 150 people but it may go over 250 addresses.
Each group of 16 to 24 people will share either a 16 or 24 port switch.

What would be the best solution/ products to do this keeping in mind possible future expansion?
I know there is more than one solution but what would you go with being not to over the top with a budget and why?

Thank you for any help in advanced

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Re: large data with multiple switches


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Two things: insure your topology is a "star" (all edge switches connect to a single hub switch - which should be wire-speed/line-rate capable, non-blocking, etc. - i.e. "industrial strength") and perhaps use gigEtherchannel, either dual or quad, to each edge switch.  If you use Etherchannel, insure you select an optimal balancing algorithm.  The foregoing will provide about the best possible performance for the price.

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