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large network L2 on vlan catalyst 3750

Hello everyone. Sorry for my bad English
I have a 3750 connected to vlan (trunk vlan 111), in which a large broadcast domain
Hosts in this vlan ~ 2000, arp cache at peak 1400 MAC-address
L3 interface vlan 111 on PCroutere.

When I stand the L3 interface from PCrouter vlan 111 on Catalyst3750 I have a problem with
the inaccessibility of hosts on the network in vlan 111.
I can not ping some hosts. Do not respond to ARP requests.
From PCrouter available ping the whole network
What is my problem?

Community Member

Re: large network L2 on vlan catalyst 3750

Dear Vadim,

I only understand that your Vlan segment is very large.

Try to segmentise you Network in more nos of vlans.

E.g. as you say there are 2000 nos of Host in the same vlan you need to create 8 - 9 vlans.

All Vlans will be created on 3750 switch and inter-vlan routing will be done by 3750 switch only.

Give the default route to your router for outside communication.

Using this solution you can make your broadcast domain very small of arounf max 254 hosts.

This will make your nwtwork stable as as larger your broadcast domain (in your case is of around 2000 nos of hosts), your network have larger chances of network instability.

Than why don;t you go for the solution shown. You have all the resources which are required.

Hope I understand your problem and this will help you.

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