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layer 2 and 3 broadcasts

Hi all ,can anyone tell me the different kinds of broadcasts at layer 2 and 3 and what they are used for ?

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Re: layer 2 and 3 broadcasts

can anyone help on this please?

I have also been told that routers forward subnet level broadcasts , is this correct ?

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Re: layer 2 and 3 broadcasts

A router can forward a broadcast between subnets, but only if configured to do so. By default, a router will not forward a broadcast (nor would you want it to forward all broadcasts, one of the key purposes of a router is to break up layer 3 broadcast domains).

Probably the most common usage of forwarding a broadcast on a router is DHCP, where you can forward DHCP requests to a central DHCP server(s), instead of having a DHCP server on each subnet.

Is there a purposes or context that you need a list of broadcasts for?

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Re: layer 2 and 3 broadcasts


I would just like to know what broadcasts exsist on my lan and what the different flavours of layer 2 and 3 broadcasts are, can you help ?

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